Part Two: A Hen’s Reproductive System

Biology of the Chicken, Part 2

Part Two: A Hen’s Reproductive System
Add to Favorites By Thomas L. Fuller, New York Have you ever been asked, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” When I was teaching reproduction in junior high science, I would fall back on my love and knowledge of poultry for examples. It was inevitable that this question would be directed to me. My answer: “The first chicken must have laid the first chicken egg.” It was simple and usually sufficed. An egg is defined by as an organic vessel where an embryo develops, and one in which the female of the species lay as a means of reproduction. The chicken reproductive system is designed to perpetuate the species while enduring heavy losses to nature. Birds do this by having the ability to produce more young than are needed for survival of the species. This reproduction ability in chickens has been cultured, selected, and controlled to produce, in abundance, one of the most nutritional foods known to man. The reproduction system of the chicken differs significantly from that of our

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