The Chicken Hotel

Holiday Boarding for Chickens

The Chicken Hotel
Add to Favorites By Susie Kearley – When you go on holiday, it’s not always easy finding someone to care for your flock. So in 2007, David Roberts opened The Chicken Hotel in Cornwall, England, offering holiday boarding for chickens. It was a huge success, attracting plenty of customers from Cornwall’s poultry owners and interest from the world’s press. David’s story began when he moved from Essex on the east coast of England to Cornwall in the southwest in 2007. He took up residence at Boskenwyn Manor Farm, sharing a house with a farmer. “I’d completed a furniture making degree and taken a job with a kitchen maker in Penzance,” explained David. “I immediately fell in love with farm life, waking up and looking out across fields full of cows to the beautiful valley beyond. I felt a sense of belonging and freedom. I created an allotment in the back

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