Chicken Feather & Skin Development

From Full Plumes to Naked Necks, Genetics Determine What Today’s Chickens Look Like

Chicken Feather & Skin Development
Add to Favorites CHICKEN DNA, PART 3 This is the third in a six-part series on poultry genetics by Doug Ottinger. The fourth article coming in the August-September issue will look at sex-linkage and the female chromosome. Doug Ottinger lives in northwest Minnesota with his wife, Connie. They raise chickens, ducks and geese on their small hobby farm. Doug’s educational background is in agriculture, with an emphasis in poultry and avian genetics. Doug Ottinger By Doug Ottinger, Minnesota Most of us as children probably enjoyed picking up feathers when we were outdoors playing or walking home from school. It seems that almost every child does. Some of us may have had feather collections or proudly taken feathers to show-and-tell time when we were very young. And there are those of us who never got over that childhood curiosity. We still have to stop and examine feathers when we find them

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