Chicken DNA — Part I

Why Poultry Played Such an Important Role in Early Genetic Discoveries

Chicken DNA — Part I
Add to Favorites By Doug Ottinger, Minnesota Genetics. If you are already bored by the first word of this article, don’t worry. Most likely, you are in good company. There are a lot of fellow readers out there who are afraid that this will be a scientific article, laced with a bunch of technical terms that only a nerd, who lives in a science lab, can understand. If you are like me, you fell in love with chickens, regardless of the fact that they have 39 pairs of chromosomes, more than 16,700 genes and most of their chromosomes are micro-chromosomes. You really did not care, and furthermore, you could probably care less to this day. Take heart! I will not be talking a lot about that kind of stuff in this series. My goal is to share some educational material and make the topics interesting at the same time. Starting

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