Chicken DNA, Part 2: Genetics, Genomes, Genomics & More

How Chicken Science Led to Discoveries In Other Realms

Chicken DNA, Part 2: Genetics, Genomes, Genomics & More
Add to Favorites CHICKEN DNA, PART 2 This is the second in a six-part series on poultry genetics by Doug Ottinger. The third article coming in the June-July issue will look at how genetic research changed the skin and feathers in chickens. By Doug Ottinger, Minnesota In the last article, I wrote about the history of early genetic studies and the important role that research in poultry genetics played, not only for the poultry industry, but for many other fields of life sciences. Notable advances were made during the first half of the 20th century in the understanding of poultry genet-ics, as well as a growing understanding of the chicken genome itself (the term genome refers to the entire collection of genes and DNA that holds the genetic code for a living organism). While the understanding of DNA had not yet been fully developed, researchers compiled numerous lists that documented

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