The Evolution of Turkey Farming

Commercial Turkey Farming Brings Big Changes

The Evolution of Turkey Farming
Add to Favorites By Doug Ottinger – Ah, the glory of Thanksgiving and turkey farming in the past. Norman Rockwell painted the picture that memorializes in our minds what the holidays of yesteryear were really like. All the family was together. Everyone was happy. Every family had a perfect, oversized turkey on the table. Life was never easier or grander. Or was it? Just what was the actual cost to get that Thanksgiving turkey onto the table in 1950? When you adjust the cost of inflation, you start to realize that a turkey for the holidays was something special. The minimum wage in 1950 was 75 cents per hour. In Chicago that year, Thanksgiving turkeys were about 49 cents per pound. That means that the 20-pound bird in the painting cost that family today’s inflationary equivalent of about $95. But what if grandpa was into turkey farming and raised his

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