Raising Turkeys with Chickens – Is it a Good Idea?
March 14, 2019 . · Poultry 101

Raising turkeys with chickens has been discouraged for years, but despite that, many homesteaders are going back to a mixed flock approach. There are some excellent benefits to keeping a …

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Six Heritage Turkey Breeds on the Farm

By Steve & Sharon Ashman – We thought you would enjoy a side-by-side comparison of the six heritage turkey breeds that we raise on our heritage turkey farm. We have been raising heritage …

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A Guide to Raising Turkey Poults

By Don Schrider – There are many reasons raising turkey poults is rewarding — not the least of which is keeping turkeys to have a few pets. Turkeys are very social …

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The Emotional Gauntlet of Raising Meat Chickens & Other Livestock
March 14, 2019 . · Eggs & Meat

“You’re raising meat chickens? You horrible, heartless human.” It’s a constant fight, isn’t it? And there are many sides on the battlefield. Those that don’t eat meat, period. Those that …

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The Evolution of Turkey Farming

By Doug Ottinger – Ah, the glory of Thanksgiving and turkey farming in the past. Norman Rockwell painted the picture that memorializes in our minds what the holidays of yesteryear …

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Raising Meat on the Farm for the Holidays and Beyond
March 1, 2019 . · Poultry 101

Homesteaders looking to grow their food usually start at the easiest entry point and work their way up. Gardening is the simplest and cheapest way to start, but for those …

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Holiday Entertaining Made Easy
February 22, 2019 . · Eggs & Meat

Whether it’s an elaborate feast with the perfect roast turkey or a simple supper, Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for our abundant blessings, and to remember it’s not …

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