How to Keep Your Hens Happy

Keep Them Healthy With Plenty of Food, Water, Entertainment and Space

How to Keep Your Hens Happy
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Keeping your hens happy is easy once you know what motivates their behavior. Nearly all of a chicken’s activities are motivated by three basic needs: to get enough to eat, to avoid being eaten, and to make more chickens. Confined chickens often develop a fourth need—to alleviate boredom—that may result when one or more of the three basic needs is not adequately met. The daily cycles of activity you see in your poultry yard are similar to those you would observe among your hens’ jungle fowl ancestors. This pattern of activity ensures that the chickens get enough to eat while minimizing their exposure to predators. During morning hours chickens are busy filling their crops. In the early afternoon they rest in a safe place to digest what they ingested during the morning. Meanwhile, any hen that feels the urge steals off into a

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