Chicken Myths, Busted

Think Twice Before You Just Believe Any Old Chicken Adage

Chicken Myths, Busted
Add to Favorites By Robert Pekel, Arkansas The demand for fresh, nourishing food free of chemicals is accelerating. Small backyard chicken flocks are a clean, healthy source of eggs and meat. Many cities across the country are updating ordinances to welcome country chickens to an urban environment. Raising them is fun and fairly simple. However, successful egg production and quality meat depends on choosing the right breeds and raising them the right way. Today families in diverse environments can experience the fun of bringing home day-old chicks. Chicks can be purchased over the Internet and delivered by mail, but it’s much more fun to pick out chicks at a local feed store. In Arkansas, where I live, feed stores offer spring chicks starting in March. They usually keep a good mix through April into May. The feed store is fun because I get to survey all the poultry including ducks,

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