Homemade Poultry Waterer

Made From an Empty Cat Litter Jug

Homemade Poultry Waterer
By Holly Cicchirillo, Arizona I’d like to share an idea that I discovered this year that may help others. Store-bought chicken waterers are expensive, and the ones with the plastic bases don’t always hold up to cold temperatures so well. I came up with an idea to make my own waterer, using empty cat litter jugs. Why are my Chickens Losing Feathers?Our experts answer all of your chicken feed and health questions in this FREE Poultry Feed and Health Guide. Get your copy today! YES! Please sign me up! Take an empty, well-rinsed cat litter jug that has a snug fitting, screw-on cap, and drill a pencil-size hole 1″ above the base. Set it inside a water pan, fill with water, screw on the top, and you’ve got an instant self-waterer. Instead of filling the water pan every day, I get up to three days before needing to refill, using my

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