Treats for Chickens: A Nutritional Analysis

What do your chickens eat?

Treats for Chickens: A Nutritional Analysis
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes There are quite a few options when you want to give treats to your chickens. Here we will take a look at the nutritional value of different kinds of treats and if there are times when a particular kind of treat may be preferred. When giving treats, we must remember that they are basically candy for chickens. Just like with humans, overeating of treats can cause nutritional imbalance and unhealthy weight gain. A general rule of thumb is that 90% of what your chickens eat must be their well-balanced healthy diet with up to 10% of their food being treats. Chickens have very specific nutritional requirements that change as they age. Disrupting their nutritional balance can result in brittle eggshells, unhealthy feathers, feather pecking, and difficulty laying due to obesity. While we can attempt to tailor their treats to be as balanced as

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