Cheep Chicken Treats

9 Ideas for Money-Saving Snacks Your Flock Will Love

Cheep Chicken Treats
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes By Ashley Taborsky  Backyard chickens can be a joy. They offer hours of entertainment, fantastic compost, and better-than-store-bought eggs that will have your friends begging for you to share.  With everything your feathered companions provide you and your family, they deserve a special snack now and then. But treating the entire flock can quickly become expensive — unless you shop savvy or have the skills to make your own.  Here’s a list of nine creative, money-saving treats and DIY ideas that will keep your backyard hens happy and clucking for more.  1. Cabbage Tetherball  Offering your flock a cabbage tetherball is not only an inexpensive snack, but it provides your chickens with exercise and entertainment. All you need is a thin rope (or thick string), a head of fresh cabbage, and a good place to hang it. You can either drill a hole through the center of the cabbage or just wrap the

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