Raising Geese for Meat: A Home-Grown Holiday Goose

Domestic Goose Breeds for Your Holiday Table

Raising geese for meat is the primary purpose for most goose breeds, although some are bred with an emphasis on other attributes as well. The Sebastopol goose, for instance, has long, curly feathers that look like a misguided perm, while the diminutive Shetland was bred to thrive in a hard environment. Geese are easy to cook, requiring nothing but a roasting pan and a rack. Like all heritage breeds, the goose needs slow, gentle cooking for a crisp skin and a succulent moist interior. Photo courtesy of www.heritagefoodsusa.com. The fact remains that geese, like turkeys, are basically meat birds. Properly cooked, goose meat is rich and juicy without being greasy. And family squabbles over who gets the light meat and who gets the dark are eliminated since the meat is uniformly succulent throughout. Wondering how to raise chickens in your backyard?This FREE guide is like enrolling in Chickens 101. Let us

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