How to Guard Your Backyard Flock with Domestic Geese Breeds

Our backyard flocks quickly find their way into our hearts. I can remember clearly the first time I lost my Cayuga duck, Marigold, to a hawk attack. Despite our efforts …

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Raising Geese, Choosing a Breed and Preparations
March 14, 2019 . · Poultry 101

We are going to add raising geese to our poultry qualifications this spring. We have had most of the other poultry here, including chickens, guinea hens, ducks and turkeys. So …

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Raising American Buff Geese for Holiday Dinners

By Jeannette Beranger – ALBC Research & Technical Program Manager: Our family has always had a taste for something different on the holiday table and the Christmas goose is among one of …

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All About Heavy Goose Breeds

By Christine Heinrichs – Geese, long ago domesticated and a companion to human agriculture, are losing ground. Backyard chickens are popular and easy to keep, but breeding full-size traditional geese, now …

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12 Days of Christmas — Meaning Behind the Birds

By Christine Henrichs – Understanding the 12 Days of Christmas meaning adds something special to this favorite traditional carol. Its repeating verses make it fun to learn the list of traditional gifts: …

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Raising Geese for Meat: A Home-Grown Holiday Goose
February 22, 2019 . · Eggs & Meat

Raising geese for meat is the primary purpose for most goose breeds, although some are bred with an emphasis on other attributes as well. The Sebastopol goose, for instance, has long, …

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