8 Best Hacks For Awesome Grilled Poultry

And Two Chicken Recipes Perfect For Summer

8 Best Hacks For Awesome Grilled Poultry
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Janice Cole, Minnesota While burgers and dogs are considered All-American, at any given cookout about 86% of people are actually grilling some kind of bird, 77% of which are grilled chicken breasts. One of the reasons for chicken’s popularity is that the delicate meat works well as a blank canvas for a wide range of creative sauces and seasonings. It’s also a standard complaint about chicken that without help, its flavor is bland and tasteless. So here are some tips and recipes to upgrade your grilled bird, and cheers to making this year’s grill fest your best yet. Marinate In Fermented Foods Beer, yogurt, and buttermilk not only tenderize meat, they also add flavor and moisture to chicken. The acid in these ingredients helps unwind the long proteins to aid in tenderness. Chicken breasts need only a quick soak, 30 minutes should

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