The Secrets To Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Plus Learn How to Make Egg in a Hole

The Secrets To Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs
Add to Favorites When we were kids, Mom would sometimes fix us perfect fluffy scrambled eggs. I can still see her working her way through two large cast iron skillets filled with moist scrambled eggs for our family of 11. When the budget would allow, they would get a shower of cheese or a sprinkle of fresh mint. Today, chefs on the cutting edge of the trends are including, you guessed it, variations of those perfect fluffy scrambled eggs on their menus. Instead of scrambled chicken eggs, you may see duck eggs or quail eggs on the menu. Chefs know that eggs in all their simplicity can be sublime. Those of us who raise chickens for eggs understand that philosophy. Having fresh eggs allows me the bonus of using them in many ways. Two of my most requested, though, are my family’s recipes for perfect fluffy scrambled eggs and egg-in-a-hole.

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