Picnic Chicken!

How to Make a Fried Chicken Recipe Two Ways

Picnic Chicken!
Add to Favorites A summer picnic that includes my favorite fried chicken recipe is a match made in culinary heaven. Fried in my heirloom cast-iron skillet on top of the stove, the chicken’s crust is so crisp it shatters when you bite into it. You can also “fry” chicken in the oven. Seasoned Panko breadcrumbs produce an oven-fried chicken with a crisp, shaggy coating. (Panko breadcrumbs stay crisp sealed in the pantry.) It’s just as flavorful as traditional fried chicken and will have fewer calories. Both the stove-top fried chicken recipe and the oven-fried chicken recipe are easy to make and taste as good cold as they do hot. I use the same herb and spice blend for both stove-top fried and oven-fried chicken. I also use peanut oil for its high heat tolerance. Mom’s Stove-Top Fried Chicken Recipe When my mom fried chicken for our large family, she had three cast-iron skillets

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