Recipes: Using Duck Eggs

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Recipes: Using Duck Eggs
Add to Favorites By Janice Cole, Minnesota Chickens take note: the world of eggs is expanding around this country. While only a few years ago free-range chicken eggs were difficult to find, they’re now a staple in most grocery stores competing for space with ultra-local, cage-free, omega-3 and sometimes pasture-raised eggs. My local grocery store has a myriad of choices; in fact, a couple months ago I did a double take when I saw a stack of quail eggs offered for sale right next to the chicken eggs! We’ve definitely come a long way. What really tops the hot list right now, however, are duck eggs. Duck eggs are trending across the country. Chefs are featuring them on their menus from breakfast through dinner and into dessert, while top food sites are sharing information and recipes on the cooking and nutrition of duck eggs. If you’re wondering why duck eggs

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