Peace, Love, and Pigeons

Tips for Improving Others’ Lives with Your Pigeon Business

Peace, Love, and Pigeons
Add to Favorites Releasing white homing pigeons will surely add majesty to a wedding or enlightened spirituality to a memorial service. Throughout time, birds have been used in ceremonies and events. White homing pigeons (Columba livia domestica), which are often times advertised as white doves, can represent eternal life, love, faith, purity, and prosperity. Pigeons and doves mate for life, and at a wedding, they can symbolize faithfulness, commitment, everlasting love, peace, serenity, and new beginnings. Releasing them is environmentally friendly and reinforces the unforgettable occasion. A professionally coordinated white dove release is a unique addition to an outdoor ceremony. Seeing the birds soar into the sky and circle overhead provides a breathtaking experience. For those getting into the hobby or those who wish to increase their business, here are our top 10 tips. Invest in the Birds Choose birds that come from lineages that provide reliable homing instincts, have pure white feathers, and are

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