Buying and Saving with Friends — End-of-Day Hatchery Specials

How to Buy Leftover, Hatchery Chick Assortments

Buying and Saving with Friends — End-of-Day Hatchery Specials
Add to Favorites By Doug Ottinger – Buying leftover, bargain-chick assortments from your favorite chicken hatchery is one of the most fun-filled adventures that any poultry keeper or group of poultry-loving friends can have! To make sure there are enough chicks to fill all the orders they receive, most poultry hatcheries must set more eggs in the incubators than they generally have on order. Some people want only a few of this breed or a few of that one. Some want 100 or more egg-laying pullets of a specific breed or sex-link cross. Some customers want only certain strains of meat birds. Occasionally there may be minimal orders for certain rarer breeds and there might be extras of these available. As you might guess, it can sometimes be challenging for mail-order, retail hatcheries to accurately project just how many eggs of which breed they need to set each week. With

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