APA Flock Inspection Program

American Poultry Association Certifies Flocks as Standard-bred

APA Flock Inspection Program
Add to Favorites With increased interest in heritage breed poultry, the American Poultry Association is stepping up to promote standard breeds. Its Flock Certification Program, revived in 2014 after being abandoned in the 1950s, will certify consumer chicken and other poultry with the APA’s imprimatur.  Those who are producing meat and eggs from their flocks can meet APA standards and use that to sell their products. With a label saying that their meat and eggs come from APA-Certified flocks, they can set a premium price for their superior products.   It’s a way for producers to cover the higher costs of raising heritage breed chickens. It can also help educate consumers about heritage breeds. It gives chickens back their most important job: providing meat and eggs.  “We have come to grips with how we will inspect for market quality and how the flock matches the standard,” said Dave Anderson, APA president.   What “Standard” Means  The APA was

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