Breed Profile: Cornish Chicken

Cornish Hen vs Chicken: Understanding the Difference

Breed Profile: Cornish Chicken
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Breed: Cornish hen vs chicken—what’s the difference? The Cornish chicken is a pure breed, previously known as Indian Game or Cornish Game. In contrast, “Cornish hen”, “Cornish game hen”, and broilers are fast-growing hybrids that are harvested young. On the other hand, the Cornish chicken is a slow-growing heritage breed, rather than a hybrid. Origin: Cornwall—in 1886, a general of the British East India Company claimed that he had developed the breed in Cornwall from Red Aseel he brought from India with Black Red Old English Game. Cornish Chicken—Recognized Variety of Heritage Breed History: First appearing in British national shows in the late 1850s, the breed originally resembled a rangy Aseel. During the 1870s or 80s, breeders crossed in birds known as “Pheasant Malay”, probably similar to modern Sumatra, to confer glossy black coloring. These crosses formed the basis of the breed known

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