Breed Profile: Sussex Chicken

The Patterns and Colors of the Speckled Sussex Chicken Intensify with Each Molt

Breed Profile: Sussex Chicken

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Breed: Sussex chicken

Origin: Sussex chickens are one of the oldest English breeds known, and originated, appropriately, in the County of Sussex around the turn of the 20th century, according to the American Standard of Perfection. Bred for market, Sussex has grown in fame for its meat and its eggs. Its size and shape make it desirable for meat production, and what grew its fame among English poultry experts.

Recognized: Speckled Sussex, Red Sussex, and Light Sussex
Non-Recognized: Coronation Sussex, Buff Sussex, and Silver Sussex


Temperament: Calm

Egg Color: Brown

Egg Size: Large

Laying Habits: Very productive brown egg layer. Up to 260 per year

Skin Color: White

Large Fowl Size: Rooster, 9 pounds; Hen, 7 pounds; Cockerel 7.5 pounds; Pullet, 6 pounds.
Bantam Size: Rooster, 36 ounces; Hen, 30 ounces; Cockerel, 32 ounces; Pullet, 28 ounces.


Standard Description: Sussex chickens are red, yellow or positive white in plumage. The Speckled and Red Sussex varieties were admitted to the Standard in 1914; The Light Sussex was admitted in 1929.

Comb: Male: Single, medium in size, set firmly on the head, perfectly straight and upright, having five, well-defined points. Points in front and rear are smaller than those in the middle. Fine in texture, and the blade follows the curve of the neck. Female: Single, medium in size, set firmly on the head, perfectly straight and upright, having five, well-defined points, with points in front and rear being smaller than those in the middle. Fine in texture. (Standard of Perfection).

Popular Use: Eggs and meat. (One of the most popular dual-purpose chicken breeds.)

It really isn’t a Sussex chicken if it has: Yellow skin, shanks, or feet.


Sussex Chicken Owner Quotes:

Speckled Sussex chickens are friendly, hardy birds that do well in all seasons. They are interesting because no two are exactly alike and their speckling gets more decorative with each chicken molting season.” — Pam Freeman at

Breed Club: American Sussex Association,

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