Breed Profile: Plymouth Rock Chicken

Plymouth Barred Rock Chickens Are a Popular Dual-Purpose Option for Backyard Chicken Keepers

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Breed Profile: Plymouth Rock Chicken

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Breed of the Month: Plymouth Rock chicken

Origin: United States — Plymouth Rock chickens are said to be developed in Massachusetts after the Civil War, and were named for one of the state’s most famous landmarks. Plymouth Rocks are composites of several bloodlines. The Plymouth Rock was admitted into the American Standard of Excellence in 1874. 

Standard Description: Plymouth Rock chickens are one of the most popular dual-purpose birds for backyard chicken keepers. They are friendly, cold-hardy birds that bear confinement but are happiest when free ranging.

Popular Colors: Barred, Black, Blue, Buff, Columbian, Partridge, Silver Penciled and White

Egg Color, Size & Laying Habits: 

•  Light to dark brown

•  Large

•  4-5 eggs per week 


Temperament: Especially docile

Hardiness: Cold hardy

Weight: Large Fowl: Cock (9-1/2 lbs.), Hen (7-1/2 lbs.), Cockerel (8 lbs.), Pullet (6 lbs.); Bantam: Cock (36 oz.), Hen (32 oz.), Cockerel (32 oz.), Pullet (28 oz.)

Popular Use: Eggs and meat 

Comb Type: Single

Skin Color: Yellow

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Testimonial from a Plymouth Barred Rock owner: 

“Barred Rocks are one of my favorite chicken breeds. They are beautiful birds and they are one of the most friendly, personable, and inquisitive breeds I’ve met. I can always count on my Barred Rocks to be the first ones around when I’m shoveling dirt or turning over a log. They’re smart birds that make a great backyard addition.” – Pam Freeman, owner of

Pam Freeman, photos
American Standard of Perfection – Forty-Fourth Edition

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