Breed Profile: New Hampshire Chicken

The New Hampshire Red is a Dual-Purpose Heritage Breed Known for Fast Feathering

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Breed: New Hampshire chicken


Origin: United States. Development of the New Hampshire chicken breed began in 1915 from a foundation of Rhode Island Reds, first brought into New Hampshire from Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. The breed has been developed by farm poultrymen by the the continual selection of breeding stock for early maturity, large brown shelled eggs, and quick feathering. It was admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1935.

Standard Description: This is a great family-friendly, dual-purpose heritage chicken breed that is a consistent brown egg layer.

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Variety/Color: Red

Conservation Priority List: Watch

Egg Color, Size & Laying Habits: 

•  Brown

•  Large

•  4-5 eggs per week

Temperament: Calm, friendly

Hardiness: Cold and heat tolerant

Weight: Large Fowl: Cock (8-1/2 lbs.), Hen (6-1/2 lbs.), Cockerel (7-1/2 lbs.), Pullet (5-1/2 lbs. lbs.); Bantam: Cock (34 oz.), Hen (30 oz.), Cockerel (30 oz.), Pullet (26 oz.)

Testimonial from a New Hampshire Chicken Owner:

“I have said I would be happy with a flock of only New Hampshires. These beautiful birds are hardy, friendly, and good layers. They can be the backbone of a productive and fun flock.” – Pam Freeman, editor of Backyard Poultry magazine and owner of Pam’s Backyard Chickens

Popular Use: Eggs and meat

Comb Type: Single

Pam Freeman, photos
American Standard of Perfection – Forty-Fourth Edition

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