Winter Windowsill Herbs for Chickens

You Can Grow Herbs for Backyard Chickens Right Through the Winter

Winter Windowsill Herbs for Chickens
Add to Favorites By Mel Dickinson — Growing herbs inside is a great way to beat the winter blues. Right now, most of us are bundling up, hunkering down with a cup of our favorite warm beverage, and catching up on our reading. We look outside to see all the shades of brown or that blanket of white snow. We start daydreaming of spring chicks and bountiful baskets of eggs. That’s when we realize it’s time to take back winter and get our grow on! That’s right; winter is a perfect time of year to spice up life by growing herbs inside. Herbs for Backyard Chickens Winter can be hard on flocks. Shorter days and snowy weather don’t offer as many hours for chickens to be out and about. The nutritious green grass has faded and the protein-rich bugs are temporarily gone. Winter doesn’t have to be all gloom though.

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