Rooster Comb Care

Add to Favorites By Ron McKibben The comb, believe it or not, has more function than form when it comes to chickens. It’s more than a fancy top hat or proof of superiority. It’s actually a tool chickens use to cool off because they cannot sweat. When blood is pumped into the comb, it cools before it is recirculated through the body. This also means the comb is a great indicator of overall health. If the comb is lighter or darker than usual, or sagging more than upright, it may be a sign that you have a sick chicken, so keeping an eye on your chickens’ combs is important to help you catch early signs of illness. Males usually have bigger combs than females, and some combs are colored orange, pink and purple. Vaseline has proven to prevent frostbite in chickens by providing a moisture-free barrier between the skin and

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