Types of Chicken Combs

How this Distinct Feature of Chicken Anatomy can Indicate Good Health

Types of Chicken Combs
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes How many types of chicken combs are there? When I was gifted a Leghorn by a neighbor, I was scared that it was a rooster and not a pullet. The comb was so large that it gracefully flopped over to one side. After a few online searches, I saw that the bird was indeed a single comb hen, one of the most common types of chicken combs. The comb was deeply and evenly serrated with five points and extended beyond the back of the head. This female White Leghorn was christened Betty White Leghorn. While there are nine types of chicken combs recognized, Dr. Brigid McCrea says children and backyard hobbyists who are interested in genetics would find the results of breeding different combs very interesting. According to The Livestock Conservancy, “Strawberry, cushion, and walnut combs result from the interaction of the dominant

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