Herbs Especially For Layers

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Herbs Especially For Layers
Add to Favorites Spring brings warmer weather and often the advent of broody hens wanting to hatch a clutch of eggs. I recommend offering your hens some herbs specially chosen to help get them laying again after their winter break and also assist a broody hen once she starts sitting. Fresh or dried, herbs have many benefits for chickens. I add dried herbs to my layer feed year round and also offer my chickens fresh herbs free-choice when in season. Laying Stimulants Early in the spring, laying stimulants can help kickstart egg production again. Several herbs purported to encourage laying and support the reproductive system include fennel, garlic, marigold, marjoram, nasturtium, parsley, red clover and red raspberry leaves, so I like to mix them dried into my flock’s daily layer feed. Aromatherapy Chickens’ sense of smell isn’t that well developed, but I certainly appreciate a scented nest. Aromatic herbs will

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