Avian Flu in Britain

How One Nation Handles Biosecurity for Chickens

Avian Flu in Britain
Add to Favorites by Susie Kearley Outbreaks of Avian flu in Britain have been regular occurrences over the past 20 years. In fact, bird flu has been a big a problem in Europe, Asia, and Africa since the 1990s, with occasional outbreaks in parts of the USA and Australia too. The last outbreak in the USA was in 2017, in a poultry flock kept on commercial premises along the Mississippi Flyway. In 2014/15, 21 US states were affected when there were outbreaks along the migratory routes for birds along the Pacific, Central, and Mississippi flyways. Avian flu in Britain is more commonplace however, and every time an outbreak is identified, restrictions are put in place across the country. The last outbreak was finally eradicated in February 2018, with restrictions lifted in May 2018, but British authorities still recommend good biosecurity measures to prevent another outbreak. Every time an outbreak of

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