Tips for the Best Boiled Eggs

How long do you boil eggs for the perfect results?

Tips for the Best Boiled Eggs
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes How long do you boil eggs to achieve perfect soft- and hard-boiled eggs? Here are some tips for how to boil eggs so they peel easily plus how long to boil eggs to avoid overcooked, rubbery whites and yolks. One of the many advantages of raising chickens for eggs is, for most of the year, having an abundance of eggs. And this week we had a bonanza. After sharing with family and friends, I still had a good amount of leftover eggs. The fresher ones got soft-boiled for breakfast.   The older ones I saved for making hardboiled eggs.  I want to share my tried and true recipes for the best boiled eggs, both soft and hard-boiled.   Do use older eggs when you can. If you’re purchasing them, buy eggs a week or two ahead of time for best results. Eggs keep for quite a while, so

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