How to Make Deviled Eggs: 3 Deviled Eggs Recipes We Love

Try a New Recipe For Deviled Eggs

How to Make Deviled Eggs: 3 Deviled Eggs Recipes We Love

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Need some ideas for how to make deviled eggs for your next party or holiday?

We’ve gathered three of our favorite recipes for making deviled eggs, just for you! If you don’t know how to make deviled eggs or are looking for a new variation on this classic party and potluck food, you’ll love these fun deviled egg recipes.

Wind Chime Café Recipe ~ How to Make Deviled Eggs with Old Bay Seasoning

By Marissa Ames

Independent author Sophie Moss first bewitched me with a charming trilogy combining modern romance with Irish fairy tales. Now, her love of cooking has me following her career as she starts a new series surrounding a café on the Chesapeake Bay.

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I got to know Sophie as a fellow indie author. We share passions for roses, writing, and food. While shuffling through the recipes on her website, I hoped she had some delectable cuisine, focusing on eggs or chicken, which I could share with my Backyard Poultry Magazine friends. Even though she doesn’t have backyard chickens, she happened to have a deviled egg recipe which she uses within her novels. While reading Wind Chime Café, I tried out her deviled eggs. This very simple recipe uses Old Bay Seasoning, which is something I just happened to have on hand!

With Ms. Moss’ permission, I’ve shared her recipe with you:

By Sophie Moss


• 12 eggs
• 1/3 cup mayonnaise
• 2 teaspoons yellow mustard
• Old Bay seasoning
• salt


Place the eggs in a large pot of water on the stove. Bring the water to a boil over medium-high heat. As soon as the water begins to boil, turn the heat off, cover the eggs, and let them sit for 13 minutes. Take the eggs out of the water and put them in a colander. Run them under cool water for about one minute and then place them in the fridge for at least one hour. Once the eggs are cold, bring them out of the fridge, peel off the shells, and cut them in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks from the eggs and put them in a small bowl. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, and salt to the yolks and mix until smooth. Arrange the egg white halves on a platter. Fill the eggs with equal amounts of the yolk mixture. Sprinkle with Old Bay Seasoning and garnish with fresh herbs!

About Sophie Moss

Sophie Moss is an award-winning author of four full-length romance novels. Known for her captivating Irish fantasy romances and heartwarming contemporary romances with realistic characters and unique island settings, her books have appeared twice in USA Today. Her most recent novel, Wind Chime Café, centers around a quirky café on a small island in the Chesapeake Bay and features several recipes from the region. Sophie grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but she currently lives in San Diego, California, where she’s working on the next novel in her Wind Chime series, Wind Chime Wedding. When she’s not writing, she’s walking the beach, testing out a new recipe, or fiddling in her garden. For more information on Sophie’s books and to see the complete collection of Wind Chime Café recipes, visit her website at

Deviled Egg Recipe


How to Make Deviled Eggs: Game-Day Herbed Deviled Eggs

By Lisa Steele

One of the benefits of raising chickens for eggs is that you’ve always got the main ingredient handy for making delicious deviled eggs. Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl party, attending one, or just enjoying the game at home with your family, deviled eggs are a great menu item.

Delicious and easy to eat, they lend themselves to the finger-food game munchy mentality while being a bit more nutritious than chips, fried chicken wings or other junk foods. Adding some fresh herbs gives the eggs a unique flavor and while I prefer dill, you can use any herb you prefer — or leave the herbs out completely.

I grow basil, parsley, and several other herbs on the windowsill all winter so I have access to fresh herbs year-round, but you can often find fresh herbs at the grocery store as well through the winter.

Here’s my easy recipe for fool-proof deviled eggs using our fresh eggs straight from the coop.



• Eight eggs
• 1/3 cup mayonnaise
• 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
• 2 tablespoons fresh dill (you can substitute the herb of your choice: basil, parsley, e.g.)
• A pinch of sugar salt and fresh cracked black pepper to taste


1) Hard-boil or steam the eggs (steaming fresh eggs for 20 minutes over a double boiler or bamboo steamer and then plunging them into ice water ensures that even fresh eggs laid that day will peel perfectly).

2) Once cooled, peel and cut each egg neatly in half.

3) Arrange twelve of the whites on an egg platter (I like to cook two extra eggs to be sure my deviled eggs are packed full of filling, so you will have two whites remaining that you can discard) and mash all the yolks in a small bowl with a fork.

4) Add the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.

5) Scoop the filling into the halved egg whites with a small ice cream scoop. Garnish with a bit of fresh dill and some pepper.

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How to Make Deviled Eggs: Making Snow Chicks With Chicken Eggs

Wondering how to make deviled eggs fun for the holidays? Snow chicks are fun and easy to make with the kids. They’re great to serve at parties on a decorative holiday tray. Just be sure your guests remove the spices and toothpicks before eating.



• 1 dozen eggs (boiled, steamed, baked or smoked)
• Whole cloves or Allspice
• 1 can whole black olives
• 1 peeled carrot (or substitute 1 small orange sweet pepper)
• 1 small jar Pimento (or substitute 1 small sweet red pepper if desired)
• Toothpicks


1. Prepare and peel the eggs. Cut the eggs in half long-ways.
2. About 1 inch down, cut a wedge on each side of the pointed end of the egg.
3. Drain the olives, place one olive at the pointed end of the egg with a toothpick to hold.
4. With a potato peeler, shave small shards of carrot and poke into the yolk for a carrot nose.
5. Press whole cloves or whole Allspice into the egg yolk for the eyes and for buttons down the front of the wider lower half of the eggs. For a scarf, thinly slice a pimento and place at the “neck” where you have cut a wedge.

Note: I do nothing special when I boil eggs. I place the eggs in cold water, then bring the water to a slow boil for 10 to 15 minutes. I then cool them down by running cold water over them from the tap and peel. My eggs peel smoothly without the gouges that we hear about from others that struggle with peeling boiled eggs. One suggestion is to allow the eggs to sit on the counter several days if they are fresh from the coop so they will be easier to peel. Fresh from the coop eggs are always difficult to peel. Use the method that suits you best.

You can make deviled eggs, by removing the yolk and mixing with mayonnaise or plain yogurt, and your favorite seasonings; however, it may not be as successful in shaping the little snow chicks, since the egg white will lose some stability.

Got any great tips for learning how to make deviled eggs? Leave a comment here and share your favorite tips and recipes with us!

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  1. I have found the way to make the yolks mix up smoother is to smash them with a fork against the side of the mixing bowl. Make sure you smash all the yolks first, then mix in the other ingredients.

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