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Bird Flu 2022: What You Should Know
November 18, 2022 · · Feed & Health

Highly lethal and easily transmitted, this particular strain of influenza can cause severe illness, especially in chicken and turkey flocks. The resulting mortality losses can reach 75 to 100% within days.

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How to Start Raising Chickens: Five Welfare Needs
October 25, 2019 · · Chickens 101

Proper chicken husbandry means understanding what chickens need to be healthy. Learn how to start raising chickens with this lesson in chicken welfare.

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Breed Profile: Sicilian Buttercup Chickens
June 1, 2023 · · Chickens 101

Sicilian Buttercup chickens are a rare heritage breed with unique comb shape and coloring, and excellent foraging skills for free-range homesteads.

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Poultry News
June 1, 2023 · · Uncategorized

Add to Favorites Farming Rice with Ducks in Vermont Traditionally thought of as a warm-climate crop, Boundbrook Farm, located in Vergennes, Vermont is raising rice and ducks symbiotically. Known as …

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Preserving Eggs Part 1

What’s a flock owner to do to keep those priceless eggs in abundance year-round? Preserve them. In this two-part series, I’ll take you around the kitchen and show you how to keep farm-fresh eggs throughout the year.

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Gut Health Is for the Birds

Gut health is key for overall poultry and waterfowl health. Prebiotics and probiotics help.

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Fluke Infestations in Waterfowl
May 27, 2023 · · Feed & Health

Fluke infestations in waterfowl are not common, but watch for parasites.

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Chickens and Fireworks

Protect your poultry from the dangers of fireworks, noises and debris.

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Herbs for Heat

Protect your flock in the summer heat with herbs for stress management, to keep them cool and healthy.

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Controlling Rats!
May 26, 2023 · · Chickens 101

Learn now to control or eradicate rats in your coop, secure and limit food.

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The Pros and Cons of Chicken Coop Bedding
May 23, 2023 · · Coops

What’s the best bedding for your chicken coop? Experts weigh in on your options for healthy chicken coop bedding.

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Raspberry Soufflé: A Summertime Treat

Light, airy, tart raspberry souffle with whipped egg whites, sugar and lemon juice.

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