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Emus: Alternative Agriculture

Today in the U.S., emus are a popular choice for alternative agriculture due to their minimal husbandry needs, small acreage capability, appealing characteristics and potential for becoming profitable.

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8 Simple Boredom Busters for Urban Chickens

In urban chicken farming, bored chickens leads to undesirable behavior: Hens might pluck their feathers or peck at each other.

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How to Make Deviled Eggs: 3 Deviled Eggs Recipes We Love

Need some ideas for how to make deviled eggs for your next party or holiday? We’ve gathered three of our favorite recipes for making deviled eggs, just for you!

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Weasels Killing Chickens is Common, but Preventable

Shortly after I moved to my homestead, I found a desiccated weasel in the barn. It was a long-tailed weasel (Mustela frenata), about 10 inches long from nose to tail tip, and brown in color — which indicated that it had died between spring and fall.

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Winterizing Chicken Coops
September 21, 2022 · · Coops

Is it time to start winterizing chicken coops? Keep egg production going during cold months by learning how to keep chickens warm in the winter.

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Gardening with Guinea Fowl

Is gardening with guinea fowl possible? Absolutely! Guineas take care of ticks, grasshoppers, Japanese beetles and other obnoxious bugs in your garden without wrecking your plants.

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Saddle Up Your Chicken!

What is a chicken apron or saddle? Basically, it is a device that protects your chickens during mating or from being pecked.

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How to Sex Chicks: What Does and Doesn’t Work

Whether choosing day-old chicks or hatching our own, many would like to know how to sex baby chicks. But what works and what doesn’t?

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A Homemade Incubator

Add to Favorites By Brandi Tait, Alabama This incubator is small, but you can go larger if you use a fan to move the heat. I like to start with …

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Chicken Behavior Shows Your Birds May be Smarter Than You Think

Add to Favorites By Christine Heinrichs – As your chickens scratch for food and jockey for position in the social order, you can see that chicken behavior is purposeful. They respond …

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