Rescuing British Battery Hens

A Look at the British Hen Welfare Trust and a Labor of Love

Rescuing British Battery Hens
Add to Favorites By Susie Kearley – While your backyard chickens probably enjoy a pampered life of luxury, some commercially farmed chickens have a more difficult life. The hen rescue initiative finds chickens new homes with space and freedoms they’ve never known before, so they can enjoy comfort and happiness for the rest of their lives. In England, the British Hen Welfare Trust was set up in 2005 to give factory-farmed hens a second chance, helping them find loving new homes at the end of their commercial lives. The Trust also educates people about hen welfare, encouraging support for free-range chickens and a better life for hens. In the past 12 years, the Trust has rehomed 600,000 commercial hens, destined for slaughter. The charity’s founder, Jane Howorth, was moved by a television documentary she saw in the 1970s about the conditions in which hens were kept. It planted the seed of an idea

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