Heavenly Sweetness: Easy Angel Food Cake Recipe

Easy Egg White Dessert Recipes are an Eggcellent Way to Use Extra Eggs

Heavenly Sweetness: Easy Angel Food Cake Recipe
Add to Favorites Those of us who raise chickens know what a treat it is to have fresh eggs every day. Spring is the ideal season to use those extra eggs for lighter egg-white desserts like homemade meringues and easy angel food cake recipes served with a dollop of lemon curd made from the extra yolks. In my house, nothing goes to waste, so leftover cake, meringues, and lemon curd morph into a layered trifle, augmented with freshly whipped cream. Angel food cake, with its simple elegance and ethereal, tender sweetness, is a much-loved dessert at our house. My easy angel food cake recipe gets its lift from egg whites and is leagues above any boxed mix. The softness of the interior plays off the golden crispiness of the crust. But beware. This cake is addictive. Make it once and I guarantee you’ll make it again! Golden Exterior, Tender White

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