Easy DIY Nest Box Ideas

Keep Your Laying Hens Happy with the Right Nest Box

Add to Favorites There are pre-made chicken nesting boxes available for purchase through poultry supply retailers. You can also get creative and come up with some nice chicken nesting boxes from materials you already have on hand. DIY-type nest boxes are fun and easy. Many different containers can be re-purposed for chicken nesting boxes and the hens seem to be happy with many choices. Of course, safety is a primary concern, so let’s explore some options. Every chicken coop design needs a few mandatory features — chicken roosting bars, windows and ventilation, dropping boards, and possibly a fan for air cooling in the summer. The nesting box is an important feature in any chicken coop. You will need one nesting box for every four chickens, but be warned, the hens will choose a favorite and actually wait in line for that nesting space! Chicken nesting boxes need to be large enough that the

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