Coop Inspiration: 8 Awesome Coop Ideas

Add to Favorites It’s fun showing off your chickens special coops, and why not? The work our readers have done is amazing. From the most sophisticated to the simple and practical, we enjoy all the pictures you send us, day in and day out. For this edition, we have selected eight of our favorites to show off. Coop Idea #1: Converted Trailer By Padraic McGuire and Brooke Snyder, Oregon Photos courtesy Padraic McGuire and Brooke Snyder. From The Designers: This is our interpretation of the tiny house movement, modified to accommodate chickens rather than people. The rig is completely mobile, as it is built on the stripped frame of an old travel trailer, so it can be transported to different spots on or off our property. It also became part of Brooke’s art installation at our local university, which is what brought about her custom screen-printed wallpaper. Right now it is the home

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