The Endocrine System of a Chicken

Biology of the Chicken, Part 8

The Endocrine System of a Chicken
Add to Favorites By Thomas L. Fuller, New York I hope the illustrated chicken models of Hank and Henrietta have informed you of what makes our feathered friends “tick,” as the endocrine system will be the last part of my series on the biology of the chicken.” I feel it only appropriate that the system of hormones, or the endocrine system, ties this series together. For hormones, along with the nervous system, actually tell the chicken what to do. The endrocrine system is made up of a number of organs and major glands located throughout the bird. These glands and organs produce a special chemical messenger called a “hormone.” Hormones are very specific compounds that target particular systems and influence the way they function. Therefore, endocrine glands secrete their “messenger” hormone directly into the blood stream.  Through the transport system of the chicken, the compound travels to a specific area to

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