More Continental Poultry Breeds

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More Continental Poultry Breeds
Add to Favorites In this part 4 on the Preserved Breeds of Lille Museum of Natural History, we cover more of the Continental breeds. Combattant du Nord The Combattant du Nord (Northern Fighter) is a very ancient breed, dating back to Julius Caesar in a time when cock fighting was prevalent in the Roman invasion of Gaul. The breed is considered to be one of the most beautiful, rustic and interesting old breeds and is known as the “Pheasant Coq” to the local inhabitants. It is also very productive. A Mr. Benoit Vilqui, a poultry specialist, wrote in 1930: “The race is one of the best of our breeds. It is not uncommon to find in the north of France, a small house in the countryside without seeing near the house, a Combattant du Nord in the middle of a dozen hens.” It can be seen that the head is large

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