Dealing with Chicken Mortality

Life, Death, Poultry and Star Trek

Dealing with Chicken Mortality
Add to Favorites By Dr. Cynthia Smith, DVM, Washington As a veterinarian, I often meet people who want their dog or cat to have a litter so that the children can “experience the miracle of life.” They are taken aback when I advise them to raise chickens instead, so that the children can experience the miracle of life and the wonder of death, sometimes all in the same day. When I was a child, I showed horses, and then I moved on to dogs. Now I show chickens. (I’ll probably retire and show goldfish or plenaria. I’m just moving my way down the food chain.) There are so many wonderful things about raising chickens, as compared to mammals! For one thing, you can have 30 or 40 or 100 of them, and no one thinks you’re a chicken mill. They’re fairly cheap to feed, too, and instead of spending around $40 to enter

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