Chicken Class Action

A Few lucky Students in Wisconsin are Raising Chickens in School as Part of the Core Curriculum

Chicken Class Action
Add to Favorites Story and Photos By Dennis Carlson It all came about in the usual way. The fifth-sixth grade teacher at Beautiful Savior Lutheran School, Glory Jansen, asked me, “Do you know anything about incubators? I need one fixed if I can find it.” I said, “No, but I can fix it.” Turned out, she didn’t have one at all, so I volunteered to make one and set about finding out how to raise chicks. Glory then told me she was planning to give them away. I got an idea, and volunteered to build a coop if the fifth- and sixth-grade students would help and research how. We decided to form a “company” to hatch and raise chickens and sell eggs. At the first meeting with the students, two names were suggested: Coop City, meaning a coop with residents; and City Coop, meaning city jail. City Coop won unanimously,

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