Blue and Black Australorp Chicken: A Prolific Egg Layer

An Australorp Hen Once Laid 364 Eggs in 365 Days

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Blue and Black Australorp Chicken: A Prolific Egg Layer

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Breed: Australorp Chickens

Origin: Originating in Australia, the Australorp chicken breed arrived in the 1920s in America and other parts of the world. They originated from Black Orpington chickens in Britain, which were imported to Australia, where they were mated with Langshan blood to raise their status as meat and egg birds. Since then, this heritage chicken breed’s numbers have dwindled. It was briefly placed on the Livestock Conservancy’s threatened list, and is currently labeled as a recovering breed. They are prolific brown egg layers, and even hold the world record, as one hen laid 364 eggs in 365 days, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Varieties: Black, Blue

Temperament: Gentle

Egg Color: Brown

Egg Size: Large

Laying Habits: 250 per year


Skin Color: White

Weight: Large Fowl: Rooster, 8.5 pounds; Hen, 6.5 pounds; Cockerel, 7 pounds; Pullet, 5 pounds; Bantam: Rooster, 2.5 pounds; Hen, 1.5-2 pounds; Cockerel, 30 ounces; Pullet; 24 ounces

Standard Description: Australorp chickens get their name from their origin as “Australian Orpingtons,” which had been called “Utility Type Orpingtons” before that. They were essentially early Black Orpingtons, and were imported into Australia around the late 1880s. They were refined for Utility purposes and later after the Orpington had been modified in Britain, exported back as Australorps in the early 1920s. They were admitted to The Standard of Perfection in 1929.

Comb: Five distinct points, upright, and ranging from deep pink to red.

Popular Use: Eggs and meat

It really isn’t an Australorp chicken if it has: Splashed or speckled colors.


Quote from an Australorp chicken owner: “My Black Australorps came from Mt. Healthy Hatchery. They have been healthy, active and friendly birds from the beginning. They are a great bird to have around kids and family. Black Australorps are beautiful additions to a backyard flock. There is nothing prettier than watching their black feathers become iridescent in the sun reflecting stunning blues and greens. These are prolific egg layers and do well in hot and cold weather. I love that Black Australorps have black legs and feet with white toenails. It almost looks like they’ve had a manicure!” – Pam Freeman of

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