A Vocabulary List Built Just for Chicken Owners

Chickens (n): Defined

A Vocabulary List Built Just for Chicken Owners
Add to Favorites My substitution for Sports Illustrated, Men’s Fitness, and Harper’s magazines were always easy: Strombergs, Murray McMurray Hatchery and Holderread Waterfowl. These magazines would keep me occupied for not only hours, but days. I would study all the one-inch by one-inch cells that would contain an exemplar picture of an adult male and female duck, chicken, turkey, or goose. The magazines would arrive in late winter, days apart from one another, just in time for placing an order in the early spring. This way the chicks or ducklings would be ready to be judged at the summer fairs. For those new to the hobby or for veterans who want to brush up, here are the must have vocabulary words for a chicken owner. FEMALE CHICKENS BROODY A hen that covers eggs to warm and hatch them. Sometimes refers to a hen that stays in the nest for an extended

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