Ask the Expert: Broody Hens

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Add to Favorites Brooding Chickens Without Eggs We have raised a lot of chickens over the years, but we now have a problem with chickens that will not quit setting. Usually, if they have no eggs to sit on, in about one month, they quit sitting and go back to laying eggs. We collect eggs at least twice a day. We now have seven hens, some game and some Rhode Island Reds that have been sitting over two months. We pull them out of the nest boxes more than once a day, have even closed all of the chickens out of the barn for several hours. (Our hens and roosters are free range during the day, plus well fed, and they put themselves up at dusk.) What can we do to make them leave the nest boxes and let the others lay their eggs? I was once told to dunk the hen(s) in a bucket of cold water, but that seems a little cruel,

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