Ask the Expert: Egg-Bound Chickens and Other Laying Issues

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Add to Favorites Egg-Bound Chicken I am looking for more information on what to do with an egg-bound chicken. I recently lost a good laying hen to what I am surmising was a retained egg. Any information on this would be helpful. Backyard Poultry Reader ************************************** Figuring out what to do about an egg bound chicken is a common question. First we have to understand how do chickens lay eggs? Laying an egg is quite an enormous task for a hen. The shell on an average large egg weighs about 6 grams, and is about 94% calcium carbonate. It takes about 20 hours for the hen to make this shell, and in that time she has to get all that calcium from her diet or her bones and transport it through the blood to the shell gland. Eggshell formation is not the only use for calcium, however. It is also

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