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Add to Favorites Golden Sebright Bantams  Hello,   A few days ago I received my first Backyard Poultry issue. I really like it since I raise Bantams! I have been raising Bantams since 2017, and I am thinking about raising Golden Sebright Bantams. But first I’d like to know more about that breed: Do they get broody and hatch eggs like my other Bantams used to? And also, are there other sizes of the Golden Sebright?   John Yoder, Freedom, New York  ***********************************  Sebrights seldom go broody. Don’t count on them to hatch your other eggs like a cochin or silkie. Sebrights are a true bantam meaning they only come in petite. They are docile and beautiful and you should definitely add a few to your bantam flock!  Here is my article on them:   Kenny Coogan, Backyard Poultry Contributor  ***********************************  Sebrights are a great bird. They are a true bantam with no standard counterpart. The males are hen feathered, one of the few breeds where

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