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Add to Favorites Chicken Predators  How do I keep red tail hawks away from ranging flock of chickens? I usually let out from 3:30 until dark!   Thanks,  Dottie  ***********************************  Hi Dottie,  Hawks are a problem in my area, too! I’ve been lucky enough that I haven’t lost any to raptors (raccoons are another story) while they’ve been picked out of my neighbors’ yards. But the biggest reason isn’t luck; it’s because of overhead obstacles. My last house had a huge overhanging mulberry tree, that provided shade, and a six-foot wooden fence. Hawks didn’t have enough room for the downward swoop they would need to get under the tree. Of course, when I moved my farm to a more-rural location that had more hawks and fewer trees, I had to make my run enclosed. Any overhead obstacle can deter hawks, such as an old car-shelter frame with netting draped over the top. But

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