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Add to Favorites Pheasant Troubles I was given a pheasant around six weeks old and he had a bulge on the right side of his head. The lady’s daughter-in-law lanced the bulge and clear liquid came out, it kept running. I tried to find a vet to look at him but no one knows anything about a pheasant. Finally I found one. He lanced another part of his head and strips of infection came out. He charged me with Amoxicillin and some cream to put in the hole where he lanced it. The pheasant seemed to perk up. But now he has another knot growing on his head. It doesn’t seem to be catching but I have him isolated. Should I take him back to the vet to get more Amoxicillin and cream and ask him to lance it again? Have you ever had to deal with anything like this?

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