Ask the Expert: Guinea Fowl

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Add to Favorites Male/Female Guinea Fowl What is the best and easiest way to determine a male/female Guinea Fowl? Beverly ***************************** Hi Beverly, The following advice is from one of our writers, Mel Dickinson. Hope it helps! “It’s difficult to tell them apart. The only tried and true way we have found is to listen to their call. The females make a “good luck, good luck” sound and the males make this horrible “chachachacha” sound. Sometimes our males are slightly larger in size, have a little larger wattles and helmet, but we always rely on their calls to tell them apart.” Adding Guinea Fowl I have a question about guinea fowl. I was wondering if we could get one keet and either raise it alone, or with a few chicks, and then just integrate it with our existing chickens in their 25 by 15-foot run? Also how loud would it be? We

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